original title: Fahrenheit 451
rating: 7.20(21 174)
United Kingdom
science fiction, Thriller, drama
Director: Francois Tryuffo. in roles: Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring, Jeremy Spencer, …
running time: , 112 min.
release date: 1966


The world of the future, in which all of the written publications ruthlessly destroyed by a special detachment of the fire-flamethrowerand interest in books and their custody shall be prosecuted under zakonu.Serjant guy Montag blindly executes orders for the destruction of the literature, but the meeting with a young Clarissa makes him rethink his life. He became a dissident – outcast in a totalitarian society, reading only the comics.

Review: To view necessarily. Francois Truffaut is a genius. Together with ray Bradbury (also a genius) and Bernard Herrmanom (more) built one of the best science fiction films. And of course, an excellent film version of a beautiful book. Which, strangely enough, is actual today. But seriously, it’s even cool. This is a shot to the overall unhealthy sick society.
The film shows the world, suspiciously reminiscent of our country. However, we still do not burn until the book, but read them accurately, most of us no longer. And the House-2 replaced for many charms of this life. But in the books collected by the centuries-old wisdom of man. Or stupidity. Who as you like.
The interesting fact is that represented in the picture of the position of the fire (‘mother, Mother, fire going. Is there will be a fire’) is in fact what is even true. Indeed, many books are written to meet the needs of his ego. But for me it is better to read Kafka’s imagination and Sartre, rather than Oksana Robski, or, God forgive me, Ksenia Sobchak.
The company is deformed, lost soul, cherstveet, if disclaims books. The main function of this book is education and the ability to satisfy a craving for knowledge (at least this is what I understand), and replacing it with a different TV shows to the good society does not bring. From them it has ozvereet and otupeet. This and understands the main hero, who crowded and stuffy in this through a false world. And for him the books become the equivalent of freedom, a dose of fresh air.
By the way, later the book was inspired by another film ‘equilibrium’. Not bad, but, of course, and not close up to the original. And the theme of the television show was picked up and developed another famous writer Stephen king in ‘Running man’ (great fiction novel, it is a pity, that then the author left a couple in a different area).
In General the film, which you can confidently recommend to view everything and everyone. The film not only is filled with meaning, and is full of all sorts of filmmeykerskih stuff. And from the direct greeting on the screen Francois Truffaut ray Bradbury I was ecstatic. A great movie.
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